COVID-19 has challenged organisations around the globe and will permanently reshape how many operate. The pandemic has sparked the biggest and fastest transformation of the workplace in history. Automation, digitalisation and innovation to fit with this new world is happening at a pace that we have never seen before.

It’s clear that things are not going to simply return to the way they were. Instead, businesses need to look to the future and re-evaluate the role played by their technology so that they are agile enough to respond to current market conditions, fluctuating demand and new ways of working. Workforce management technology can assist organisations to better manage everything from health & safety to scheduling flexible & remote working and employee self-service.

This Live Panel discussion will see leading industry experts discussing the role of technology in the new normal, and how to manage teams, work flexibly and adapt to changing regulations.

Learn more about
1. Ensuring the Health & Safety of your Employees.
2. Workforce Planning & Optimisation.
3. Managing New Ways of Working.
4. Attracting & Retaining Employees by Giving them more Control.
5. Forecasting & Planning for the Future.
Thursday May 6, 2021, starting at 2:00 PM BST
Chris Beck
Editor - Manufacturing Management Magazine
Robert Doherty-Bigara
Head of Business Solutions - Softworks
Robert Doherty-Bigara is Head of Business Solutions at Softworks. Softworks assists organisations to manage employee hours, flexitime, schedules, holidays and absences. Robert specialises in partnering with manufacturing organisations and assisting them to manage the working day in a way that makes them more productive and efficient. He helps organisations to find ways to streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs through improved management, scheduling and utilisation of labour resources.
Dr Kanimozhi Narayanan (FHEA, Assoc CIPD, FRSA)
Lecturer in organisation Behaviour, Aston University
Kani is a lecturer in Organisation Behaviour. She is an organisational theorist working within the area of International Human Resource Management, Change Management and Organisation Behaviour. Her research focuses on Employee behaviour working across industries and cultures. In addition, her research strength lies within the nature of employee-organisation relationship with majority of her work focusing on workplace deviance, workplace justice, organizational citizenship behaviour, AI in HRM and the impact of technology on employee well-being.
Sharon Broughton
Head of HR & Legal Commercial Services, Make UK
Sharon is an accomplished and experienced Chartered Member of the CIPD, with a strong commercial focus. She has worked both in house HR and more latterly as a HR & Legal Consultant across many businesses and industry sectors. For the last 10+ years at a leadership and strategy level. She has an extensive knowledge of employee relations, HR strategy and change management.
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