The recent growth and expansion of the electrical transportation market has escalated the needs for better cells and batteries with a common goal — improved performance, range, and cost.

These devices must be of high quality and meet the demands for power, energy density, safety, and durability. Battery manufacturers require cost optimization as well as procedures and tests to improve performance of their products.

For these reasons, more comprehensive and efficient tests on battery cells, modules and packs must be carried out to ensure successful design and production.

You will learn:
(1) Interpretation for battery testing concerns and requirements with proper way and advanced technology.
(2) Interpretation for safer, efficient, and easy operation methodology for battery testing.
(3) Introduction to Chroma battery cell, module, and pack testing turnkey solutions and services.
James Billington
Editor - Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Magazine
Paolo Canova
Product and Sales Manager - Chroma ATE INC.
1. Over 20 years of experience in telecom, industrial machinery, electrical systems for energy storage, and automotive.
2. 14 years in the lithium batteries industry with key accounts covering United States, Europe, and Asia.
3. Italian native with a master’s degree in Power Electronics from the University of Florence, currently residing in Germany.
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