One of the main limitations for higher efficiency and power density in eMotors is heat rejection capability. The right insulation design and material selection is paramount to unlock incremental improvements needed to stand out in an increasingly crowded xEV landscape.

In this webinar we will quantify key insulation system parameters and how they impact eMotor performance, including slot liner thickness and thermal conductivity, through a simulation-based investigation.

Attendees will learn about key insulation system parameters and how they impact eMotor performance, including:
• Slot liner thickness
• Slot liner thermal conductivity
• Impregnation resin thermal conductivity

Attendees will also hear about analysed eMotor variants like:
• Round and square conductors
• Water and oil cooled
• Short and long stator stack
Thu, Feb 3, 2022 · 2:00 PM London (GMT 0:00)
James Billington
Luigi Marino
Applications Development Engineer - DuPont
Luigi is an Application Development Engineer, specialising in eMotor solutions at DuPont. With an Electrical Engineering background, Luigi has previously worked at Magneti Marelli and Ferrari as an eMotor Lead Designer and xEV Vehicle Architecture Manager.

Luigi is currently leading new product developments and market analysis within the automotive eMotor space. He has filed 2 patents concerning innovative eMotor cooling methods and xEV vehicle architectures.