Aerospace manufacturers have ever-increasing demands being placed on them – lighter-weight parts that are at least as strong; less expensive parts with more complex geometries; stricter quality standards; faster production times, etc. Therefore, the manufacturers are demanding better testing from their QA and NDT teams. As NDT solution providers, we at VJ Technologies (VJT) are especially cognizant of these increasing requirements that are being pushed down as the aerospace industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds. It is on us to be innovative, flexible, precise, and efficient with our offerings.

Recent challenges we have had to solve have included inspecting a 4-foot rocket-motor with 100-micron resolution in 4 minutes to keep up with factory output; and inspecting a 3-ton rocket motor in the field before and after test without moving the motor. In this webinar, VJT will demonstrate some of the latest developments of digital radiography (DR) and computed tomography (CT) to tackle these increasing demands. Topics like in-field CT, multi-part CT, automated inspection, high-energy inspection will be discussed, and various case studies will be shown.
Thu, Jul 22, 2021 · 4:00 PM London (GMT 1:00)
Rahul Alreja
VJ Technologies
Rahul Alreja is the Director of Global Sales & Marketing for VJ Technologies, a leading global provider of x-ray inspection solutions for quality control in a wide range of industries throughout the world. Rahul and his team at VJT are involved with bringing advanced technology, robotics, automation, and computer/machine learning to a variety of industries, specifically targeting quality control and product flow. Authoring several technical papers, Rahul has been invited around the world to speak on next-generation advances in the field of non-destructive testing as VJT is constantly pushing the boundaries of what exists.
Ben Sampson
Editor, Aerospace Testing International
Ben has worked as a journalist and editor, covering almost all aspects of technology, engineering and industry for the last 20 years. Initially writing about subjects from nuclear submarines to autonomous cars to future design and manufacturing technologies, he was editor of a leading UK-based engineering magazine before becoming editor of Aerospace Testing in 2017.