Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the preferred choice for electric and hybrid vehicles, energy storage systems, and consumer electronics. One of the top safety concerns with Li-ion batteries is thermal runaway and its cascading effect through the whole pack. To predict thermal runaway and manage the heat within the system, it is necessary to account for several different physical phenomena, including chemical reactions within the cell, heat transfer at the cell and pack level, the structural design of the pack, and fluid flow in the battery pack's cooling system.

Tune in to this webinar to see how multiphysics simulation can help you accurately model battery cells and packs, predict thermal runaway, and design optimized thermal management systems for battery packs.

Key Discussion Points:

• Different modes of heat transfer in battery cells and packs
• How to model different thermal runaway scenarios, including internal and external short circuiting as well as mechanical abuse
• How to model internal short circuiting, including processes such as lithium plating and gassing
• Thermal analysis of batteries and battery packs by coupling losses from high-fidelity and lumped models
• How to compute crucial safety parameters, including the maximum temperature occurring during thermal runaway, the time to reach thermal runaway, and heat propagation patterns
• Analyzing the effects of filler material and battery configuration on temperature distribution in a battery pack
• Modeling different battery cooling mechanisms, such as liquid, air, and phase change material cooling
Hamid Rafiee
Applications Engineer, COMSOL
Paul Fanning
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