The way in which businesses use and invest in technology is changing. With the rise of IT/Wi-Fi as a Service, many resellers and service providers are looking for ways to meet these needs.

Whether it be simply adding a reliable Wi-Fi solution to your offering that also provides keen price-performance or being able to offer a fully managed service, you need a simple solution that just works.

With the majority of the features on the Cambium management platform available for zero onboarding and no licensing fees, 88% of surveyed resellers and MSPs achieved a return on their investment with Cambium within 12-18months. And we can show you how.

This webinar is ideal for resellers, VARs and MSPs and will show you how to increase your revenue by using a combination of cnPilot access points and the cnMaestro management platform.

We will begin with an overview of the product portfolio and provide a live demonstration of how the cnMaestro management system performs provisioning, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting of the cnPilot Wi-Fi network for MSP’s.

*Source: TechValidate survey of 299 users of Cambium Network. Published: Apr 20, 2020
Friday December 4, 2020, starting at 11:00 AM GMT
  • How the cnMaestro MSP feature can benefit you and your business
  • Benefits of the Cambium Networks Connected Partner program
  • Financial benefits to VAR’s and resellers of the cnMaestro MSP feature
  • Learn how to create additional revenue streams with the reoccurring income an MSP offering can provide
  • How Purdicom offer value through their added value services
Harry Drewett
Solutions Engineer - Purdicom Ltd
Harry works for Purdicom as a Solutions Engineer, assisting with technical design, support, and product training. His key areas are external point-to-point, point-to-multipoint wireless solutions, and internal Wi-Fi network and security options. Harry is aligned to Cambium Networks, offering full support on the product range, including cnPilot and cnMaestro.
Charlotte Hathway
Editor - Comms Business
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