This webinar will focus on how manufacturing businesses can quantify their emissions and in doing so set ambitious targets and deliver realistic action plans to reach their goals and future-proof their organisation.

xtonnes™ is the carbon action platform for businesses to decarbonise with confidence. xtonnes™ tackles tough carbon challenges and for action – analysing not just organisation, but also products and portfolio emissions. Developed by sustainability experts, we are challenging “blackbox” carbon accounting, putting the capability and knowledge in our customers’ control.

They are already working with over 30 clients around the UK, including manufacturers, and building their knowledge and skills to decarbonise with confidence. They go beyond providing a carbon action software by building the capacity of our customers. This then helps Manufacturers decarbonise more efficiently.

You will learn:

1. What is carbon accounting? In this session, you will learn about the basics of carbon accounting including: what is the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, what are the different Scopes of emissions, what are the different carbon accounting methods (spend-based versus activity-based).

2. Best practice in carbon accounting: You will learn how carbon accounting works, why working with ranges is important, data collection processes and how to improve it, and the importance of data granularity and data quality.

3. Why manufacturing businesses should measure their carbon emissions? You will learn the risks and opportunities associated with decarbonisation and we will also provide you with an overview of the regulatory landscape.

4. Target-setting: What targets should manufacturing businesses aim for? You will learn about different targets/standards (i.e. net zero versus zero carbon versus carbon neutral and science-based targets etc.).

5. Action plan: What makes a credible action plan? You will learn about the different types of actions with examples and case studies.

Laetitia Pancrazi
Commercial Manager
Laetitia is a sustainability expert and commercial manager with experience in building organisation’s capacity to decarbonise.

Laetitia holds an MSc in Sustainable Urbanism from University College London and an MSc in Development Management from London School of Economics. She is a certified Prince2 project manager as well as a certified GDPR practitioner. She is a Chartered Environmentalist with the Society of Environment and a member of the The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.
Paul Fanning
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