Goodfellow is unique in offering a comprehensive range of Metals, Alloys, Ceramics, Glasses, Polymers, Compounds, Composites and other advanced materials to meet the research, development and specialist production requirements of science and industry worldwide.

As researchers and industry sectors explore the fascinating world of materials, there is an ongoing requirement for continuous improvement and innovative solutions in numerous applications.

However, concerns regarding the environmental degradation and pollution are growing.
Goodfellow by combining the above fundamental requirements and realising that the use of sustainable and recyclable products or processes will benefit future generations; is presenting a representative range of materials which will fulfil the above criteria.

Goodfellow supplies advanced materials such as metal foams, while being lightweight are reducing energy consumption in a range of applications; Machinable Ceramics offering unique solutions to technical problems and demanding applications; Perovskites used as multilayer capacitors in fuel cells, solar cells, next-generation display screens, LEDs for efficient longer lasting lighting components; Lithium compounds used in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries having a low maintenance and high energy densities; Nanomaterials and recyclable or biodegradable Polymers leading to waste reduction, energy consumption, air and water quality improvement and eventually more renewable energy sources.
Dr. Aphrodite Tomou
Technical Manager - Goodfellow Cambridge
Aphrodite is the Technical Manager of Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd, a leading global supplier of materials for research, innovation and development in science and different industry sectors. Goodfellow has an extensive range of products, which are monitored and enriched by Aphrodite and her team. Aphrodite has a diverse background and wide-ranging knowledge of materials, from nanomaterials to nanocomposites, from metals to polymers, ceramics and glass. She holds a PhD and Masters in Materials Science and Engineering, has published scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals, and presented at international conferences as an invited speaker, while being an active member of an Innovate UK program.
Paul Fanning
Editor - Eureka! Magazine
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