Aligning design intent and the product development process.

At a time of rapid technological change, product development is often a fast, furious and unforgiving process. And with an estimated 83 per cent of all product defects introduced at the earliest stages of a project it’s perhaps never been more critical to ensure the original design intent and the product development process are aligned right from the start.

Errors and misalignments entering the product development process at the start can compound and become amplified over time, and for engineering organisations in all sectors the adoption of practices that mitigate these risks before they come to fruition is essential.

In this online panel session, held in partnership with QRA, we will explore some of the techniques, technologies and processes that engineers from different sectors and different organisations are using to address this challenge, to mitigate risks and errors before they have a chance to create problems further down the line, and to ensure that product intent and the product development process are aligned.

Key discussion areas
• Ensuring the product intent and development are aligned throughout the process
• Collecting and setting clear product requirements
• Accelerating concept design and testing
• Application of AI / Machine Learning & automation
• Digitalisation
• Delivering on the megatrends: e.g. The circular economy & Sustainability
• Achieving Visibility within the development cycle

More panellists TBC shortly.
Jordan Kyriakidis
Co-founder & CEO, QRA Corp.
Jordan has nearly 20 years of experience leading diverse teams of driven and high-performance individuals, first as a scientist with numerous international publications and now as co-founder and CEO of QRA Corp. QRA’s disruptive technologies are changing how companies and governments identify and mitigate risk in complex projects from the RFP stage onwards, especially projects involving introducing new technologies in regulated industries. He has lived and worked in Europe, the US, and Canada. he holds a Ph.D., summa cum laude, in Quantum Theory from the University of Basel, Switzerland.”
Luke Hares
Founder and CTO, CMR Surgical
For the past 20 yeas Luke has been involved in the conception and development of many products and medical devices. Luke was responsible for the Versius concept, created in response to the unmet need for a better way to perform laparoscopic surgery. Before co-founding CMR he worked for product design companies in the UK and the US , where he worked on medical devices, robotics, ASIC developments and consumer products.
Alex Louden
Senior Technology Acceleration Manager – Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult
Alex Louden is a Senior Technology Acceleration Manager at Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult. He is responsible for ORE Catapult’s work with SMEs, and Start-Ups, overseeing delivery the Launch Academy accelerator programme and the day to day business support to companies developing new technology for the offshore renewable energy industry.
Conor McCarthy
Associate Director, WSP in the UK
Conor McCarthy is an experienced Civil Engineer and ProjectManager, having delivered a wide range of Infrastructure andHighways projects across public and private sectors within Ireland,the UK and Australia over the last 18 years.
Conor has worked for various consultants in Ireland, Australia and the UK and fulfilled several roles including those of site engineer, designer, deputy design site representative, team leader and project manager. He has considerable experience in the assessment and delivery of highway and civil engineering projects, and a wealth of experience managing complex multi-disciplinary projects.
Simon Blake
Director of Products and Concepts, Bentley Motors
30 years Automotive experience in Jaguar, LandRover and Bentley with extensive interactions with VW, Audi, Porsche. Key areas of expertise are Body systems and Concepts with overall R&D business strategy.
Andrew Wade
Host - Features Editor for The Engineer
Andrew Wade is features editor at The Engineer, where he has worked since 2015. Over the course of his journalism career he has covered everything from Irish general elections, Premier League football and the Japanese tsunami of 2011, to maritime satellite technology and the latest trends in robotics, renewables and the entire kaleidoscope of the engineering world.
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