Recorded Thu, November 19, 2020 11:05 am (EST)
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    Join Aerospace Testing International and our panel of experts as we explore how to most effectively plan and implement test programs that produce the reliable and accurate data you need and regulatory authorities want.

    From managing flight schedules to specifying the smallest piece of test equipment, every aspect of an aircraft’s test program needs to be carefully considered against the desired results in terms of producing reliable and high-quality data. The need for engineers to have knowledge across all testing domains and disciplines to enable this decision-making has only been reinforced by the ongoing pandemic.

    On November 19, the next in our series of high-level virtual roundtable discussions will feature Tom Bisges, vice president of engineering from leading aircraft manufacturer Bombardier and Erik Goethert, senior director of business development and strategic marketing at measurement and control systems supplier United Electronic Industries.

    These leading experts will describe and discuss their market-leading approaches to flight testing, which carefully balance cost and risk reduction with high safety standards – all while remaining focused on obtaining data that meets engineering development and certification requirements.

    Using real-world examples from the latest civilian and defense test programs, attendees to this exclusive event will learn how manufacturers and OEMs are partnering to develop the latest technology, including more electric aircraft, autonomous control systems and lighter, more sustainable aircraft.

    Other topics to be explored include how to more closely integrate ground and flight testing to save time and costs, as well as how to best extract meaningful information from the many Terabytes of data a comprehensive testing program now produces.

    So make sure you join us for this free and exclusive online event by registering now, and take part in a discussion which could shape your next testing program.
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