It's time to centralise and ease your purchasing.

Have you discovered RS’s Purchasing Manager™ software?

Manufacturing Management Editor, Paul Fanning, will be in discussion with Ed Orgill, who is the Head of Value Add Solutions Sales at RS UK. They will be talking about RS’s web-based platform known as RS PurchasingManager™ and its benefits. It is a customisable tool to give people ease of process and transparency of cost throughout their procurement to pay cycle.

RS PurchasingManager ™ drastically reduces the time and money spent on procurement. There’s no up front cost or investment involved, and you could do procurement without paperwork.
One of the key benefits of RS PurchasingManager ™ is that it has been shown to help RS’s customers consolidate fragmented supply chains and save time, money, and increase efficiency.

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Ed Orgill
Head of Value Add Solutions Sales, UK Sales, RS
Ed Orgill leads the Value Add Solutions team at RS in the UK, focussed on helping customers transform their MRO supply chain and deliver savings and efficiencies through RS’s suite of maintenance, inventory and digital procurement solutions. Ed has worked with customers across many different industrial sectors, from SMEs to large multi-site blue chip businesses. He focusses on selling on value and believes strongly that the greatest successes come from working collaboratively and developing lasting partnerships with customers. Outside work Ed lives with his wife and three children in Redditch, and is a consistently disappointed Birmingham City supporter.
Paul Fanning
Editor, Manufacturing Management magazine
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