Government agencies, industry associations, and media around the world continue to publish reports about changing traffic trends. While there are now fewer vehicles on streets and highways, the number of injuries and fatalities continues to rise for vulnerable road users - pedestrians, cyclists, and road workers.

For example, for the first half of 2021, the USDOT estimated a 18.4% surge in work zone traffic fatalities over 2020 and the largest number of traffic fatalities since 2006. TxDOT also reported in 2021 that work zone fatalities increased 33% (over 2020).

During this webinar, we'll discuss how the new video-based, AI solution Miovision Scout® Explore can make your data collection projects safer and more cost-effective with:

Non-intrusive deployments at the roadside that set up in less than 15-minutes
Simultaneous collection of multimodal traffic data for volume counts, TMCs, travel time and vehicle speed with a single device
Onboard video processing for volume counts, speed and pedestrian/bicycle pathway studies that automatically upload to the cloud for remote access and validation
Reliable, accurate and verifiable traffic data. Road tubes and radar are not required.

This webinar is for: Traffic engineering firms, data collectors, DOTs, anyone that collects or uses traffic data.
MAB Events
Digital Event Executive
Tom Stone
Tony Brijpaul
Co-founder & Product Manager
As co-founder and product leader at Miovision, Tony Brijpaul has provided the foundation for the company to grow into the global traffic technology company that it is today. Tony is passionate about designing and building innovative products that ensure all of our partners meet their goals of creating safer, cleaner, sustainable and accessible road networks, communities, and cities. Tony holds a BASc.,Honors System Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, and has served on the board of Sustainable Waterloo Region. He is also an active member of the tech community serving on multiple boards of local startups.
Carley Hopkins
Group Product Manager
Carley Hopkins is Group Product Manager for the Data Collection & Traffic Studies product line at Miovision. She takes a customer centric approach to product management and is passionate about delivering products that delight customers. She's excited about helping data collectors increase safety on the job and enabling them to collect the multimodal data to make cities a safer and better place to live. Carley holds a Bachelor of Mathematics, University of Waterloo and Bachelor of Business Administration, Wilfrid Laurier University.
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