Let EPLAN show you in this webcast how to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and speed up your electrical design. Creating a bill of materials for example, shouldn’t be time consuming – it’s a task which can be completed at the click of a button, within seconds!

Do any of these sound familiar?
- Creating drawings and checking cross-references can take days
- Creating BOM’s can be time consuming and are stored separately, therefore making it difficult
- Exporting component data to purchasing is created manually in Microsoft Excel
- Sourcing component data is time-consuming and error prone
- Specification of wire numbers, sizes and colours is laborious
- Panel layout takes a minimum of a day as it is all drawn / checked manually.

EPLAN is able to transform your engineering workflow to solve for these challenges, and more by providing a tool which works in an integrated way. “Efficient Engineering” is our focus, and we work with designers, engineers, project managers and shop floor managers every day to ensure that everything and everyone is connected and speaking the same language. This can be achieved thanks to digitised engineering data, the use of scalable solutions and complementary access to a range of cloud applications which improve cross-project collaboration and visibility.

You will learn about:
- How to create schematics quickly and easily
- How to improve documentation quality
- How to collaborate seamlessly with the entire project team
- How to create added value by working in an integrated way
- Discover the latest developments for electrical design, including cloud technologies, AR and more
Wed, Nov 10, 2021 · 10:00 AM London (GMT 0:00)
Graham Bloom
Senior Professional Services Engineer
Graham is a professional services consultant, who has worked for EPLAN for eight years. With 43 years’ experience in electrical, mechanical and production engineering, which includes the implementation and use of a variety of CAD/CAE tools for electrical design. With practical experience and knowledge on the issues regularly faced by electrical engineers, Graham has insights and tips on methods to speed up electrical design processes.
Paul Fanning
Editor - Eureka! Magazine