The value of recurring revenue has never been more important to businesses. By driving average revenue per customer your business can unlock its next level of growth and expand on its potential. Discover digital services that add value to your customers while offering your business recurring revenue that’ll provide income security while increasing the value of your business. Hear the different scenarios of how a Candio white-label service can impact your business, regardless of whether your business has 200 or many 1,000s of customers. The UK’s fastest growing resellers have adopted Candio into their business model, find out how you can benefit.

The event will be split into 3 sections of 10 minutes:
1. Introduction to Candio, the services and the impact recurring revenue can have on a business
2. User experience – hear from a current Candio reseller onboarded with Web Listings and Website Optimiser and how the services have impacted their business.
3. Understand how the services work. In a quick demonstration we’ll cover what the services entail, the price models available and what profits your business could take from them.

The enabler for success in any economic climate occurs every month, and its recurring revenue brought to you by a Candio service.
Thu, Jan 14, 2021 · 3:00 PM London (GMT 0:00)
Charlotte Hathway
Editor - Comms Business
Will Morey
Managing Director - Candio
Will has worked in a variety of sales, marketing, and general management roles over the last 25 years. More recently, he leads Candio as Managing Director alongside the role he plays for Pragma Group. Candio delivers digital white-label services to technology resellers.
Tom Chedham
Business Development Manager - Candio
Tom is a Business Development Manager for Candio, helping telecommunication and technology companies increase their monthly revenue by delivering white-label digital services to customers.