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Display metrology is the scientific quantification of values of light that enables evaluation of the visual qualities of a display, from brightness to color to contrast, according to how they are perceived by a standard human observer. Newer OLED, microLED and other emissive display technologies present new measurement challenges for manufacturers. They are called “emissive” because each pixel of the display is its own individual emitter (in contrast to traditional LCD displays where a liquid crystal panel is illuminated by a backlight of LEDs). With an emissive display, the LEDs are not “blended” behind an LCD panel but are viewed directly. Because each emitter can exhibit a wide range of luminance and color, the display may appear uneven to a viewer (mura).

To correct mura and ensure a uniform appearance, each pixel of the display must be measured accurately so a correction factor can be applied. This correction process is called demura. Each pixel and subpixel element may be as small as microns or tens of microns in the case of microLEDs, which poses a new set of challenges for display metrology.

In this presentation from Radiant Vision Systems, Chris Williamson, Regional Sales Manager, will discuss emissive displays and explore the quality challenges they pose. He will describe various display measurement approaches that can be used to measure OLED and microLED displays. This webinar will explain how demura (correction) of emissive displays can be accomplished, enabling panel, display, and device manufacturers to improve quality and increase yields.

Delegates will learn:

• Display test challenges for OLED, microLED, and other emissive displays
• Display metrology to detect mura (blemishes) at the individual pixel and subpixel level
• The process of demura (correction) of emissive display defects
• Examples of advanced metrology systems with advantages for demura
Chris Willaimson
Regional Sales Manager
Chris directly supports global customers on Radiant’s sales team, where he works across application and product groups toward the implementation of solutions that meet unique challenges in display and light measurement. He has travelled throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, joining engineers and manufacturers directly in their facilities to understand how Radiant solutions can meet needs in the field. Chris has an in-depth knowledge of adapting the Radiant product suite to address new and demanding inspection applications.
Paul Willis
Paul Willis has been a journalist and editor for 20 years. He has worked for titles across the mainstream media including CNN, The Telegraph and VICE, and for the last two years as editor of Consumer Electronics Test & Development magazine and website. He lives with his family in the New York state.
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