With the increasing adoption of more complex electronic systems, larger code bases, and network connectivity, the threat surface for Aerospace applications is growing significantly. Cybersecurity has become paramount to managing operational and safety risks of avionics systems overall and even for devices at the edge such as data acquisition and control hardware. DO-326a calls for the assessment or risk in avionics systems. When the operational and safety aspects of cyber-physical hardware at the edge are considered in a risk assessment, naturally a Zero-Trust set of controls emerge. Zero-Trust at the edge is good approach to managing cyber-risk and to help ensure the safety and efficiency of flight operations.

An overlooked aspect of securing systems is key management which is particularly difficult when it comes to embedded systems. All the right risk-based decisions could be made with respect to securing attack paths, but if secure key management is not considered, those controls will be easily compromised.

In this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into safeguarding critical data acquisition and control systems, ensuring the continued safety and reliability of aerospace operations while keeping ahead of evolving cyber risks.

Delegates will learn:
• Why a risk-based approach to cybersecurity, such as that called for by DO-326a, makes sense
• How to reduce cyber-risk in avionics data acquisition and control hardware
• Naturally, how a Zero-Trust implementation emerges for these systems when they are managing critical data and control critical flight systems
• Resulting security controls in hardware and in a full stack software implementation from a hardware root of trust to access control
• The challenges of key management for avionics systems at the edge and how to address them.

Colin Duggan BG Networks, Inc.
Mr. Duggan founded BG Networks in 2020. Prior to that, Mr. Duggan worked at Analog Devices (ADI) for 29 years in various engineering, management, and marketing leadership roles managing teams located in U.S., China, Europe, and India. His embedded cybersecurity expertise includes work in automotive, consumer, industrial, and aerospace & defense markets. Mr. Duggan holds a BS degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Northeastern University.
Erik Goethert United Electronic Industries / AMETEK
Sr. Director of Business Development and Strategic Marketing
Mr. Goethert designs, manages, and implements projects that collect real-world data for the aerospace, energy, and defense industries so they can build smart systems that are reliable, flexible, and rugged. He has more than 30 years of experience in hardware, software, and I/O application solutions. He has an engineering degree from Cornell University.
Ben Sampson
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