In a commercial environment stifled by uncertainty and recession, end-user businesses seeking to survive and thrive are taking a close look at their customer experience (CX) strategies, and up-gunning to create competitive advantage. Great CX is now the differentiator, and a C-level priority item for investment.

As leading Channel Partners, to whom these businesses turn first, you need to have all the answers. High-margin, fast-tracked deals await those who are ready.

Fed by digital CX giants, consumer expectations for service quality have grown exponentially, fuelled further by the lockdown experience of the past year. Channel Partners who can help their customers to meet these demands, and deliver an adaptable portfolio of services, will be in a good position to steal business from those who can’t. But how can Channel Partners add value to their offering without extensive investment in inefficient, bolt-on additions to their customers’ CX estates? Join Content Guru and Comms Business for a 35 minute webinar, to discover three simple ways to supercharge your sales by adding value to your customers’ CX offerings.

Find out how to:
1. Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams into your customer’s CX estate, so that their back-office experts and front-office customer service specialists can work together, and you can create high-margin business that is churn-resistant and long-lasting.
2. Take control of your customer’s drive for workforce optimization, by offering an AI-backed WFM tool, creating a whole new area of value for your Channel Partner business.
3. Ensure your customers process inbound consumer calls flawlessly, by replacing antiquated ‘press 1 press 2’ IVR with ‘say what you want’ Natural Language Processing, establishing your Channel Partner business as a high-value AI leader.
Wednesday February 10, 2021, starting at 10:30 AM GMT
Robinder Koura
Partners Director - Global, Content Guru
Partners Director – Global at Content Guru, Robinder Koura has worked in the UC/CC technology industry for over 20 years and the Channel Partner space for the last 13 years for market leaders such as RingCentral, GENBAND and Nortel Networks. Robinder focuses on recruiting and enabling channel partners to become their customers’ trusted advisers on customer experience (CX) solutions, utilising Content Guru’s award-winning cloud contact centre solution, storm®.
Edward Winfield
Head of Global Partnerships, Content Guru
Edward Winfield is Head of Global Partnerships at Content Guru. As a high-growth CCaaS company, collaborating with partners is a vital part of Content Guru’s global growth strategy. A veteran in the SaaS and technology space, Edward has over 20 years’ experience as a telecommunications leader, which he leverages to create lasting partnerships, and deliver cutting-edge solutions that anticipate evolving customer needs.
Andy Nicolson
Charlotte Hathway
Editor - Comms Business
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