Spatial immunofluorescence is a game-changer technique in the field of immune-oncology, neuroscience and infectious diseases. When developing multiplex immunofluorescence panelstissue preservation and efficient antibody removal are key factors to ensure signal specificity. COMET™ is based on a microfluidic technology and performs sequential immunofluorescence (seqIF™), with repetitive cycles of staining, imaging and elution. COMET™ performs fast and finely controlled antibody staining incubations without harsh tissue photobleaching or tissue ablation. In this webinar, we will highlight how to verify tissue integrity and demonstrate how COMET™ guarantees efficient antibody elution while ensuring morphology preservation. We will also show how to assess epitope stability during seqIF™ assay and how COMET™ enables marker stability up to 20 cycles across different tissue types and species.

Learn the latest techniques to get the best data out of your multiplex immunofluorescence experiments (mIF). Gain deeper knowledge of the cellular microenvironment of your tissue samples while streamlining your mIF experiments by easily and quickly obtaining the proteomic spatial biology information you need.
Tue, Jun 14, 2022 · 3:00 PM Bern (GMT +2:00)
Dr. Pino Bordignon
Team Leader Application Research