We don’t just teach marketing. We practice great marketing every day!

Our team serves a large number of clients from all sorts of industries. So we’re out there learning and doing. Our seminars are built from our real-world experience.

Some of the businesses we work with right now include international brands like PokerStars, local businesses like Italian Table, and exciting startups like Feed Sam.

These seminars give you the chance to learn how to get the same great results from social media that we get for our clients.
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About This Webinar
Learn how to use social media effectively to market your business or brand!

Because it’s simple to set up and use, many businesses are jumping into the world of social media marketing without much knowledge of how or why, but with a sense that they “should” be. This leads to disappointment as business owners realize they aren’t getting the reach and engagement they had hoped.

But don’t dismiss social media marketing as an overhyped black hole for your time and money. Social media can and will be your business’s most cost-effective marketing strategy once you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to be effective!

Join this 2-hour session and learn everything you need to know to confidently run social media for a small business.
  • Determine your objectives and strategy
  • Pick your platforms
  • Set up a publishing schedule
  • Create your content
Lane Anderson
Founder & CEO, London Road Media
Lane runs a full-service marketing firm in Lethbridge, Alberta. London Road Media was the honourable mention for Best Social Media Agency at the 2019 Hashtag Awards at Canada's largest digital marketing conference, SocialWest. Lane also blogs often, creates videos daily, and is known as a leading marketer, instructor, advisor, public speaker, and community builder.