We're happy to share that Linkurious Enterprise 2.10 is now available as a stable version. In this webinar, we'll review the key features of Linkurious Enterprise 2.10 and dive into what's been added and how to leverage these new capabilities.
  • Edge grouping
  • Dynamic node sizing
  • [NEW] Query Template variables
  • [NEW] Indexing option to optimize your search speed and index size
  • Plus a sneak peek at what's next for Linkurious Enterprise 3.0!
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    Josselin Perrus
    Head of Product
    Josselin works with Linkurious’ clients and partners to design the future of Linkurious Enterprise. He has been a Product Manager for 8 years, in B2B and B2C, and has been coaching on product best practices. He holds an engineering degree from Télécom Bretagne and an MSc degree in Complex Adaptive Systems from Chalmers University.
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    Marilyne Bouteruche
    Head of Customer Success
    Marilyne guides Linkurious’ clients throughout their graph journey, ensuring they gain the most value out of Linkurious Enterprise. She is the creator of DotaStories, a service for gamers, and worked for 15 years in the Telecom industry. She holds an MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from INSA Rennes, France.