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We all know that marketing is an important element of success as a photographer, but even before you begin your marketing process you need to have a clearly defined physical and emotion brand. Have you determined your style and vision, then built a portfolio around it? Have you clearly defined you 'positioning statement' to help you establish your brand and narrow down your target audience? Photographers often overlook the key element of style and vision as PART of their marketing strategy. In this webinar you will learn the essential steps and thought processes required to help you establish a clearly defined vision for a strong branding and marketing platform as a visual artist. Whether you are a portrait photographer, wedding photographer, food photographer or fashion photographer, these fundamental concepts are universal!

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Wed, Sep 18, 2019 · 6:00 PM EDT
Lindsay Adler is a fashion photographer and world renowned educator.
Jennifer Kilberg
Director of Consulting for Agency Access
The ability to recognize a client's needs and find a clear path to success is one of the many intangibles that Jennifer Kilberg provides. With eighteen years' experience in the industry as a buyer and photo editor to name a few, she provides a unique insight and remains a source of inspiration to her loyal (and growing) client base.