Here are 107 tips in 59 minutes ... Wingshooting USA TV's Scott Linden is sharing his 32 years and 26 states' worth of experience hunting wild birds on public and publicly-accessible "walk-in" land. This step-by-step plan goes from finding the best information sources, to strategies and tactics for finding and hunting ground, maximizing your chance of finding birds on pressured ground, and getting the most out of every hunt. You'll be better prepared for your own "trip of a lifetime" or that new spot just down the road. Before you ask for time off, make your motel reservation, or invite your best buddy, take this comprehensive seminar and save yourself time, money, aggravation, fuel and boot leather.
  • Unit 1: What is public-access, walk-in, publicly-owned hunting land: how to find it, who controls it, lesser-known gems … navigating the bureaucracy ... why plan ahead … who and what to ask ... free list of agencies & land types
  • Unit 2: Narrow your options: how to pick your next adventure destination … information sources … strategic decisions you need to make to save time and money … maximizing “walk-in” programs … cautions … navigating the public-agency maze
  • Unit 3: What to do the day before: gathering intel … find the ugly ducklings … zig when they zag … identifying less-pressured parts
  • Unit 4: Time to hunt: strategies & tactics ... what to do when you get there … coping with other hunters ... find the best places … best times to hunt
  • Unit 5: Getting along out there: do this, not that … why courtesy and the Golden Rule make your trip better … public-land etiquette … hunting as economic development
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    Scott Linden
    Creator, Wingshooting USA TV & Upland Nation podcast
    Scott's hunted on television and for fun in 26 states for 32 years, logging thousands of miles in the field. He's learned most lessons the hard way, so you don't have to. His background in performing, teaching, and journalism ... hundreds of magazine articles and three books ... make him ideally suited to distilling a roiling sea of factoids, expert and "expert" advice and personal experience into a simple plan you can use to find and hunt new places, whether they're down the road or across the country.