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This 45–minute informative, think-tank Q&A is for any business that has been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Anya Sleezer, Principal at Levo, and Diane White – of DWPR bring over 30-plus years of experience in journalism, marketing, and public relations, and will each share their top three “Marketing Survival Tips.” Attendees will learn immediate action items and long-term best practices so their businesses can continue marketing during the crisis, build stronger relationships with their customers, and emerge with a solid brand foundation.
  • 6 Marketing Survival Tips
  • LIVE Q&A
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    Anya Sleezer
    Founder & Principal of Levo
    Anya Sleezer, a senior marketing executive and founder of Levo, a marketing and design agency in Tulsa, is passionate about building strong brands. For more than 14 years, Anya's leadership, strategic thinking, and creativity has delivered results for regional, national and global clients in a variety of industries including Energy, Industrial/Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, Technology, Entertainment, Fashion, Hospitality, Government, Real Estate, and more. Levo specializes in marketing, branding, digital marketing, advertising, design, SEO, web design and development, environmental graphics, and tradeshows.
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    Diane White
    Founder & President of DWPR
    Diane White is the founder and president of DWPR, a Strategic Public Relations & Marketing Firm. After working more than 15 years as an award-winning TV reporter and anchor, she founded DWPR in July 2010. She specializes in strategic planning and media relations but provides a full range of marketing services including advertising and social media services. In addition to managing several successful PR campaigns in Tulsa and in cities across the country.