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《賽馬會共融.知行計劃》分享:工作和培訓以支持 ADHD 者尋找工作和適應 JCIP Sharing: Supporting ADHDers To Look For Jobs and Adapt at the workplace

周四, 10月 28日, 2021年 · 9:00 PM · Hong Kong

許多特殊教育需要(當中包括ADHD)學生在學習、溝通或社交方面遇到不同困難,原來香港教育提供不同程度支援以幫助學生,並協助及輔導家長如何正確地照顧他們子女。 今次工作坊嘉賓—冼權鋒教授為我們詳細講解,有甚麼支援及配套可以幫這些學童。

Many students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) face different difficulties in learning, communication, or social interaction. The education system of Hong Kong provides different levels of support to help SEN students and help parents properly take care of their children. In this webinar, Professor Kenneth Sin, the Director of the Centre for Special Educational Needs at The Education University of Hong Kong, will explain in detail what kind of support and support facilities can help these students.

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SAHK Jockey Club Collaborative Project for Inclusive Employment – ‘Diversity Works’: Internship Portal for Youth with SEN
Ms Chan Man Chee, Occupational Therapist I

Ms CHAN (Daisy) is an occupational therapist serving adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities for years. Recently, she has developed vocational training and coaching for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities. Ms CHAN completed BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and MSSc in Counselling at City University of Hong Kong.
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