Upstart digital native brands that market and sell direct to customer (DTC) have turned the traditional consumer products distribution model inside out.

CPG brands are learning that they too can bypass traditional wholesale and retail distribution, thereby finding ways to forge tighter, more meaningful relationships with customers.

Join us for this free Multichannel Merchant webinar to learn about the growing movement toward DTC selling, and how savvy brands and manufacturers are taking advantage of the many opportunities it presents.

You will learn:
  • How the increasing influence of social channels, mobile tech, rapid delivery logistics and (needless to say) Amazon are compelling brands to go direct
  • About brands that are using DTC to give customers a level of personalization that legacy retailers can’t
  • About the advantages they gain in inventory control and marketplace agility

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About the Speakers

1607709689-881199dd6fa365c7 Craig Harris
Industry Principle Apparel, Footwear & Accessories, Oracle NetSuite

Craig Harris is the Industry Principal for the Apparel, Footwear and Accessories group at NetSuite. He brings 30-years of retail and wholesale IT solutions experience and has worked alongside a wide spectrum of retail and apparel companies across all markets. He works tirelessly to ensure Netsuite continues to lead the cloud technology revolution that drives the apparel industry forward.

1607709755-d45d07e8e1834cc7 Courtney Velasco
Marketing, Apparel, Fashion & Accessories & Health & Beauty, Oracle NetSuite

Courtney specializes in Marketing for Apparel, Fashion & Accessorise and Health & Beauty companies at Oracle NetSuite. Her mission is to tell the stories of how NetSuite supports the growth of fashion and cosmetic companies worldwide

1607709768-372b0f90c1308ab3 Mike O’Brien
Multichannel Merchant Host

Mike has worked in journalism, marketing and public relations for more than 25 years. He covers the world of direct-to-customer operations and fulfillment, editing the O+F Advisor newsletter while also programming MCM’s annual Operations Summit conference. Previously he was a senior account executive for Marx Communications public relations, working with marketing and advertising services firms.