Phone calls still play an important role in engaging with customers and are often used when other digital self-service channels fail to address urgent or highly sensitive customer concerns. But consumers have stopped answering their phones due to the rise in illegal robocalls and call scams.

Government agencies are cracking down on regulatory and legislative mandates designed to protect consumers.

Call originators have experienced precipitous drops in call answer rates and customers are missing important calls. Multiple callbacks are required – leading to increased costs and frustrated consumers.

With the focus on digital communications and providing a seamless omnichannel customer experience, it’s important for the lead-gen community to remember the importance of traditional, key channels such as the call experience to help connect and close deals.

This webinar outlines the information that call originators can use to improve the call experience.

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  • The current state of regulatory and legislative anti-robocall mandates

  • What anti-robocall methods voice service providers are rolling out

  • How robocall analytics and STIR/SHAKEN call authentication can affect phone calls

  • Best practices for call originators to effectively reach customers by phone, and deliver a better call experience for customers.

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    Tue, Jun 8, 2021 · 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
    Jonjie Sena
    Vice President, Product Marketing
    Dave Krasinski
    Director, Risk Solutions
    Ian McRae
    Content Director