It's an age-old question that direct advertisers and others grapple with: "Is it better to buy a lead management solution or build one myself"? This question becomes more complex as you consider all your current and future channels—calls, web leads, clicks, emails, and more. It's easy to become lost in a sea of sales pitches and promises as you make your decision.
But you don't need to lose your way to find the right solution!

With this webinar, you'll have the opportunity to hear from experts who know both sides of the "buy or build" debate. Delve into how different businesses face this question and the benefits and challenges they weigh of building their own proprietary lead system. You'll also understand why others decide to shop the market for the right software solution—and get real-world examples across different verticals.

Hosting this panel is Nasser Aftab and Tiara Gazarian of Phonexa, a SaaS platform for managing leads, calls, clicks, and emails. Their featured guest is Brett Kaufman, COO of WorkBook6, a business development resource for direct response brands who often need help making the decision between “build or buy.” In his role, Brett takes on this topic every day while advising WorkBook6 partners in their brand strategy, giving him unique insight into this exact debate.

Get answers to the following questions:
  • What motivates a business to build their own lead system?
  • What are the pros and cons of taking a "build it" approach?
  • Why do others decide to utilize existing software solutions?

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About the Speakers

1607608978-fcadf01ad3862641 Tiara Gazarian
VP of Onboarding & Implementation, Phonexa

Tiara Gazarian is Director of Sales and Client Relations at Phonexa. As Director of Sales, her focus is on working with the sales team to identify and connect with clients that could benefit from using Phonexa. As Director of Client Relations, Tiara works directly with clients to help them learn and manage their platform, paying special attention to best practices for their business and how Phonexa’s platform can make their business operations more effective and efficient. She is also the liaison between clients and the tech team to create features and capabilities that increase efficiency and aid growth. Tiara has a long history of assisting high-end clientele, beginning her career with experience ranging from luxury retail to corporate sales. Tiara continued to cultivate strong client relationships working in commercial insurance and affiliate marketing before assuming her current management role at Phonexa.

1607609001-0e8ee2731f3b30dc Nasser Aftab
Director of Business Development, Phonexa

Nasser Aftab is the Director of Business Development at Phonexa. In this role, Nasser manages Phonexa’s business development strategy, oversees sales and client relations, and gets custom solutions for Phonexa partners and clients. His key responsibilities include keeping Phonexa a leader in the competitive SaaS marketplace, formulating long-term strategies for success, and maintaining robust customer relationships. Nasser began his business development career in banking, then grew his expertise working in lending and financial services. In that time, he worked for three of the top five globally-ranked FinTech companies: WorldPay, First Data, and Bank of America. His background has been marked by a strong focus in Fortune 500 client acquisition on a global scale, facilitating FinTech and SaaS software technology solutions.

1607608723-db9d3fed458e014e Brett Kaufman
COO, WorkBook6

A dynamic leader with a no-nonsense approach, Brett oversees WorkBook6’s operations, while also providing significant personal contributions to the business on a daily basis. There’s no area where Brett’s impact is not felt, including sales, partnership development, technology, finance, and both client and corporate marketing. He brings an extensive and diverse background to the business. Brett was previously the VP, Marketing for a national insurance agency, led mobile marketing globally for an international search publisher with revenues in excess of $150MM, and was principally involved in the explosive growth of that the company’s mobile marketing business. Before his career in lead gen, Brett ran online marketing and eCommerce for a number of tech startups in San Francisco as a scrappy and resourceful entrepreneur. Brett lives in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, when he’s not on an airplane visiting clients and partners, or going to a music festival.

1601412445-e8b541f9bc99485b Warren Picket
LeadsCon Host

As the LeadsCon content director, Warren brings 15+ years of event programming experience and more than 20 years of experience in print, online and digital media. He helps drive engagement in the performance marketing marketplace and brings together marketers, executives, agencies, technology & service providers, entrepreneurs, corporate communications experts and audience development team members to help foster B2B and B2C communities in the digital space and real-time at face-to-face, in-person events.

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