For customer outreach to succeed, lead generation organizations need higher quality intelligence and execution to drive engagement across channels. Phone calls still play an important role in communicating with customers and are often used first to address urgent or highly sensitive customer concerns. However, consumers are now skeptical of calls from unknown numbers due to the substantial increase in robocalls or other fraud, scam, and Caller ID spoofed calls.

Government agencies are cracking down with regulatory and legislative mandates designed to protect consumers. This, however, is negatively impacting enterprises which have experienced precipitous drops in call answer rates and as a result, customers are missing important calls. Multiple call backs are required – leading to increased costs and frustrated consumers.

It is now more critical for lead generation organizations to securely identify their company name on phone Caller IDs for consumers to trust and engage with the incoming call. In addition, understanding the preferred and most used phone number will improve outbound operations and mitigate regulatory risk. Layering on intelligence on when each individual consumer tends to engage by phone, greatly increases the likelihood of connecting with your customers for account management.

Join David Krasinski, Strategic Director of Neustar TRUSTID Solutions, as he discusses strategies that have proven to optimize outbound dialing performance for lead management professionals including:

  • Protecting and maximizing Caller ID displays to drive answer and conversion rates

  • Understanding and incorporating consumers’ individual preferences to improve first call answer rates and reduce overall attempts

  • Incorporating best practices for coordinated omnichannel contact attempts

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    Wed, Sep 22, 2021 · 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
    David Krasinski
    Strategic Director
    Neustar TRUSTID Solutions
    Daniel Sims
    Director of Client Success
    Ian McRae
    Content Director