The disruption in retail and ecommerce brought on by COVID-19 is causing even giant Amazon to face challenges to its vaunted Prime promise to customers, especially long-delayed orders. This presents an opportunity for smaller direct-to-consumer brands to take advantage of their value chain and forge tighter relationships with their customers. But how can they capitalize on this?

Join us for this live panel discussion to learn about the rapid growth of DTC selling, and how increasing shipping and logistics demands are compelling brands to go direct.

You will learn:
  • About the current climate and its challenge/opportunity scenarios
  • About key trends in DTC and how they’re shaping up
  • About growth strategies and approaches for capturing more market share
  • How DTC brands can provide a more personalized post-purchase experience than the retail giants

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About the Speakers

1607705078-38f80dad8a00309a Laura Behrens Wu
Co-founder and CEO, Shippo

Laura Behrens Wu is the co-founder and CEO of Shippo. Shippo is the shipping platform for 21st-century e-commerce. Every single e-commerce store needs to ship, and Shippo is an e-commerce enablement tool that addresses all the shipping complexities in a single platform. Shippo powers over 35k SMBs and direct to consumer brands shipping everything from skincare to mattresses to pet food.

1607705144-e55cf6b289c5a21c Helena Price Hambrech
Co-founder and Co-CEO, Haus

Helena Price Hambrecht is the co-founder and Co-CEO of Haus. Prior to Haus, Helena was a Silicon Valley creative who helped shape brands like Facebook, Fitbit, Google, Instagram, Microsoft, Nike, Pinterest, Slack, Square, Twitter, and Uber. Her work has been featured on ABC, CNN, The New York Times, Fast Company, Fortune, Glamour, The Guardian, and Inc.

1607705200-ba88a130b5eab2bc Leslie Voorhees Means
Co-founder and Co-CEO, Anomalie

Leslie is the Co-Founder and CEO of Anomalie, the first direct-to-consumer wedding dress company that creates custom, one-of-a-kind dresses for brides. Leslie started Anomalie out of her own frustrating experience as a bride. A mechanical engineer (and the youngest supply chain manager in Nike’s history), Leslie used her manufacturing expertise to make her gown directly with the world’s top workshops and quickly began receiving requests from friends to make their gowns. Three years later, Anomalie is pioneering a new model in retail supply chains uniquely fit for customization at scale while also solving the pain points for brides that the traditional bridalwear industry can’t.

1607705216-9e51f6edbd61b075 Mike O’Brien
Multichannel Merchant Host

Mike has worked in journalism, marketing and public relations for more than 25 years. He covers the world of direct-to-customer operations and fulfillment, editing the O+F Advisor newsletter while also programming MCM’s annual Operations Summit conference. Previously he was a senior account executive for Marx Communications public relations, working with marketing and advertising services firms.