The objective of the Training as follows:
1) Help to build participants who are more aware of the digital classroom practices
2) Enabling to apply engagements that will motivate students to be more attentive in the sessions
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    Leaderonomics is a leadership development organisation based in Malaysia that began with the purpose of transforming nations through leadership development. We believe that leaders from all communities can profoundly affect the social and economic health of their nation. With that social purpose in our DNA, we grew to become a self-sustaining social enterprise gaining vast experience in working with children, youth, university students, all levels of employees, management, and senior leaders to help them discover and hone their leadership abilities.

    We have been creating a culture where people lead with courage, agility, and love since 2008, and we continue to embrace opportunities that allow us to creatively develop leaders in an ever-changing world of new technology and global trends. This is done through our Corporate, Community, and Content channels.

    To find out more, visit our corporate website:
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    Subashini Thuraisingam (Suba)
    Certified Professional Coach (ICF Accredited), holds a Master of Applied
    Psychology in Coaching (HELP University). Prior to that she was seasoned business and marketing personnel with
    12 years of diverse experience in prominent industries such as IT, F&B, Advertising, Logistics, Project Management,
    Teaching and Training, she ventured into Coaching and Training to express her core talent and strength in the area of
    people development. She was a professional development coach with Sellbytel Group for Google Malaysia Project
    before joining Taylor’s University as an Assistant Team Lead for Life Skills Development.
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    Wong Ee Ling
    Leaderonomics Club Lead
    Graduated from University of South Australia with a BA (Hons) in Psychology, with over 13 years of experience working amongst youths in Malaysia, Ee Ling has a huge heart and passion for growing the youth of our nation into sustainable, character-based leaders. She has previously worked in a youth organisation in running youth camps, workshops and other youth related programmes as well as a student counsellor and teacher in an international school. Some of her areas of strengths include: youth engagement, counselling, and mentoring.