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About This Webinar
Soichiro Honda.
The man who transformed a small wooden shack manufacturing bicycle motors to a multinational automobile and motorcycle manufacturer.

Akio Morita.
The man who invented the iconic Walkman portable music player and propelled Sony to become the first Japanese company listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

Two Great Men. Two Great Brands.

Join us for this webinar to gain business & leadership insights from the lives of these two legendary masterminds.

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    Roshan Thiran
    Founder & CEO, Leaderonomics
    Roshan Thiran, who has been instrumental in helping many organisations reinvent and turnaround, will be sharing his own journey to seeking answers to the leadership conundrum. There are more than 2.5 trillion articles on leadership, yet there is still so much confusion on what it is and how you can grow and develop yourself.

    Roshan spent more than 14 years with General Electric (GE) across the US, Europe and across Asia, in multiple functions, including as a senior HR Director. He has also had roles in Finance, Technology and Operations. He has won numerous awards for his leadership in the HR space and has written numerous articles published in major newspapers, magazines and sites across the world. He confers and has interviewed some of the top thought leaders in the people development and leadership development space including Robert Kiyosaki, Ram Charan, CEOs of top multinationals and many others.

    Roshan is currently the Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics, an award-winning Social Enterprise. He has grown Leaderonomics from an NGO into one of the best brands in leadership development, not just in Malaysia but across Asia. His current customers include many big global Multinational organisations, governments, and global public listed organisations. Prior to founding Leaderonomics, he was the Director of Global Talent at Johnson & Johnson, managing a global portfolio for the organisation. At Johnson & Johnson, he led a number of Global HR projects for the company and was part of the Global HR Transformation team.

    Roshan is recognised as a though leader in the space of leadership, business and transformation, being a keynote speaker in numerous conferences across the world. He also serves on several boards and continues to mentor and coach top leaders from across the globe. You can follow Roshan via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.
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    Andrea Chew Wenjuan
    Currently Leaderonomics' Strategic Projects Partner.