The Landlord Law Cases webinars look at an individual legal case, with one of the barristers in the case.
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The case of Rakusen v. Jepsen is about whether a tenant in a 'rent to rent' situation can claim for a Rent Repayment Order against the superior landlord rather than their direct landlord.

Initial hearings at tribunal held that you could, but this was then successfully challenged in the Court of Appeal. The tenants appealed to the Supreme Court.

In this webinar, Tessa Shepperson discusses the Supreme Court decision with housing barrister Robert Brown. Robert represented the National Residential Landlords Association in the case, who intervened to represent the interests of landlords.

  • The background to the case - and about Rent Repayment Orders
  • The facts and issues in the case
  • The case history
  • The Supreme Court decision and the reasoning behind it
  • What it all means
Robert is a specialist housing barrister from Selborne Chambers in London.
Tessa runs the online information service Landlord Law and provides training and other services for the Private Rented Sector.
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