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Whole-Slide Imaging and Beyond: A New Open Platform for Scanning and Bioimaging

Whole-slide imaging is an essential task for labs engaged in pathology, histopathology, and molecular biology research, including sample preparation for pre-Next Generation Sequencing assays. However, commercial systems are often restrictive and researchers must purchase additional expensive equipment to perform common types of microscope-based research.

The new CellScan from Molecular Machines and Industries (MMI) presents an exciting new option for researchers seeking maximum utility from their microscopes. In this webinar brought to you by MMI, learn how scientists use CellScan for a variety of lab applications, such as routine photo-documentation, whole-slide scanning, fluorescence imaging, time-resolved live-cell imaging, and combinations of these techniques.

Topics to be covered
- Introduction to CellScan technology and its applications
- An overview of how CellScan contributes to current and future experimental needs
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