Vaccine discovery and development have taken center stage in life sciences research as scientists allocate more resources to vaccine development and optimization. Many biologics-based vaccines, such as those derived from mRNAs, polysaccharides, and viral components, are sourced from cell culture. Filtration and vaccine target separation from cell culture processes are critical for high recoveries of pure, high-quality vaccine products. In this webinar, Adam Green will discuss vaccine separation and key considerations for optimizing filtration and membrane separation-based processes.

Topics to be covered

- Overview of filtration, ultrafiltration, and chromatography separation applications for vaccine targets from cell culture
- Key considerations for optimizing the membrane-based separation process

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    Adam Green
    Manager, Lab Filtration Product Management Sartorius
    After specializing in environmental microbiology in various roles, Adam Green joined Sartorius in 2014. He initially focused on the micro and molecular sector, and then transitioned from product specialist to product manager. In his current role at Sartorius, Green leads the Lab Filtration product management team and maintains the Lab Purification portfolio.