Fluorescence in situ hybridization (ISH) is a common tool for detecting and visualizing specific DNA sequences in single cells. Current DNA ISH methods detect genes at low resolution due to long DNA probes, and they require expensive, high resolution microscopes for analysis. This webinar will introduce DNAscope™, an innovative DNA ISH technology that employs a new probe design for precisely targeting small DNA stretches, and allows for convenient visualization under standard light microscopes.

Topics to be covered

• How "double Z" probe design promotes accurate target labeling
• How to detect DNA breaks and copy number variations
• The clinical potential of DNAscope for both pathology and diagnostic applications

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    Xiao-Jun Ma, PhD
    Chief Scientific Officer, Advanced Cell Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne Brand
    Xiao-Jun Ma is the chief scientific officer at Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD), a Bio-Techne Brand company where he develops advanced biomarker analysis technologies. At ACD, Ma led the research and development of RNAscope and BaseScope technologies used for highly sensitive and specific RNA in situ hybridization with cellular resolution. Before joining ACD, he was the vice president of R&D/Biostatistics at bioTheranostics, where he led the development of prognostic and predictive gene signature assays for breast and prostate cancer and a gene expression classifier for cancer of unknown origin. Prior to bioTheranostics, he worked at Johnson & Johnson and Monsanto/Searle (now Pfizer) in drug discovery. Ma received his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Iowa.
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    Robert Monroe, MD, PhD
    Chief Medical Officer, Advanced Cell Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne Brand
    Robert Monroe is the chief medical officer of Bio-Techne and Advanced Cell Diagnostics. He leads the company's efforts to develop diagnostic and companion diagnostic (CDx) applications with the RNAscope platform. In this role, Monroe oversees the development of RNAscope-based diagnostic tests for newly identified biomarkers. Monroe also serves as the clinical lead in ACD's CDx partnerships with Leica Biosystems and multiple biopharma companies. Monroe holds an MD-PhD from Harvard and is board-certified in cytopathology, anatomic pathology, and clinical pathology.