Advances in single cell sequencing help scientists tease apart heterogeneous cell populations and better understand the functional role of different groups of cells within a tissue. Identifying how these cell populations change during disease aids in the discovery of new therapeutic targets. In this webinar brought to you by 10x Genomics, scientists will discuss the latest developments in single cell technologies and their use for novel therapeutic discoveries.

Topics to be covered

• Incorporating single cell RNA-sequencing for translational medicine
• Removing constraints from single cell workflows
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    Dave Corney, PhD
    Principal Scientist, Azenta
    Dave Corney is a principal scientist within the process development team at Azenta Life Sciences. He earned his PhD in 2010 in environmental toxicology from Cornell University, where he described miR-34 downregulation following p53 inactivation and its role in tumorigenesis. He completed postdoctoral fellowships at Stanford University and Princeton University, where he employed various genomic approaches to study cancer stem cells. From April 2014 to July 2016, he served as the clinical research program manager at Thomas Jefferson University, where he designed, tested, and implemented next-generation sequencing and other genomic profiling technologies. For the past five years, Corney has evaluated emerging technologies in genomics at Azenta and spearheaded the development and commercialization of Azenta’s 10x Genomics single cell sequencing services.
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    Dina Finan, PhD
    Product Manager, Single Cell, 10x Genomics
    Dina Finan is a product manager at 10x Genomics. She received her PhD in biochemistry from Stanford University in 2011. Under the mentorship of James Spudich, Finan studied molecular motor proteins and their role in embryonic development. From June 2011 to February 2016, she worked as a research scientist at DuPont, where she engineered enzymes and optimized high-throughput assays for a range of industrial applications. During this time, Finan became certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt for rigorous statistical analysis of experimental data. In February 2016, she joined Unchained Labs where she managed and grew their Uncle product line- a biologics stability screening platform. Finan joined 10x Genomics in January 2020 as the product manager for 10x’s single cell technologies.