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Director: Efrado Valerio Gut
Screenwriter: James Demonac
Starring: Ana della Regula / Tenoche Huerta / Josh Lucas / Cassidy Freeman / Veronica Falcon / More...
Genre: Action / Science Fiction / Thriller / Horror
Production Country/Region: United States
language: English
Release date: 2021-07-02 (U.S.)
Also known as: National Killing Day: Infinite Massacre (Hong Kong) / End of the Human Elimination Project / Human Elimination Project: Freedom Eternal

A brief introduction to the plot of Human Removal Project 5 · · · · · ·
  The story follows "Human Removal Project 3". Adela and her husband Juan, who escaped from the drug cartel, came to live in Texas from Mexico. The latter worked on the Tucker family ranch. Juan was greatly appreciated by Caleb, the patriarch of the Tucker family, but it also made Caleb's son Dylan jealous. But in the morning after the annual "Human Removal Program", an underground organization intends to continue the killing and plunge the entire United States into a frenzy. The Tucker family, including Dylan’s wife and sister, was also affected, forcing everyone to unite against the rioters and managed to escape into Mexico where the border was open for only six hours.

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