About This Webinar
Our final day will engage participants in visually mapping the integration and application of current skills and our Why in an effort to reveal an action plan for manifestation. Participants will discover what exchange is required in order to live their dream lifestyle, as opposed to just talk about it. We will encourage the exploration of newfound connections with this community and network, as well as threads with current family and close friends. In conclusion, participants will cultivate an inner dialogue with vocabulary that supports an understanding of the unfolding path of intuition in manifesting their dream lifestyle.
  • Giver and take: what is required to live your Dream Lifestyle
  • Map the Vision, Live the Dream
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    Abria Joseph
    Pranaforce Yoga
    Abria has been in pursuit as many have been about living the Dream, a Dream Life, with a Dream Job and a Dream way of being. His studies and practices within yoga asana are, and have always been the foundation of his healing and therapeutic practices. Initially the discipline and passion for competitive sports led to great triumphs and great injuries alike. While healing and traveling, his interest in breathwork, meditation, and sound healing gave space for the desire to be more focused on community and collaborations with other great people living their passions.