[Getting Started] Getting Started with SMS
Set up your SMS settings, start collecting consent with sign-up forms, and draft your SMS welcome series.
An interactive workshop is a working session where you’ll design, build, and activate features in your account by following the guidance of a Klaviyo expert.

Event description: Did you know that 99% of all text messages are read by recipients? And 29% of those recipients click on a link in the message? SMS drives customer engagement, reaches customers instantly, complements your email strategy, and allows you to nurture more personal customer relationships. But as with anything new, you might be feeling overwhelmed or confused about where to begin. 

In this session, we'll show you how to get started with SMS and get you set up for success. A Klaviyo expert will guide you as you update your SMS settings, collect consent with a Klaviyo sign-up form, and draft your welcome series. You'll leave this training feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to get texting! 

Attend this training if: you want to learn how to set up the foundations of SMS in your Klaviyo account with the help and guidance of an expert. Prior to attending this session, you need to enable SMS in Klaviyo, which will only take a couple of minutes. Follow these directions to activate SMS in your account. 

Intended audience: Currently, you can only collect SMS consent and send text messages to recipients in certain countries. You can see the full list of countries here


Important: Prior to attending this session, you need to enable SMS in your Klaviyo account. Follow these directions to activate SMS in your account. 

Enabling SMS and using sign-up forms does not require any additional fees, and Klaviyo offers a free plan to help you get started.

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Rob Boland
Rob loves to think outside the box and solve those "head scratching" problems that keep you awake at night. He works to bridge the gap between business and technology drawing on his experience working with hundreds of companies over the last 10 years
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Webinar: [Getting Started] Getting Started with SMS by Klaviyo Customer Education