About This Webinar
Digital marketing has been on the rise for financial advisors for more than a decade, from email newsletters to social media to search engine optimization. Yet a recent Kitces Research study still shows a wide range of results when it comes to various digital marketing strategies, and an even wider range of results between what “standout” digital marketers achieve relative to any other financial advisor.

At the Kitces Digital Marketing Summit, you’ll have a chance to see what successful digital marketing looks like, with a unique behind-the-scenes look at real financial advisors sharing what they’re actually doing with their digital marketing efforts across all stages of the digital marketing funnel. No vendors. No sponsors. Just a series of 30-minute real conversations between our co-hosts – Michael Kitces and Taylor Schulte – and our expert guests, financial advisors who will screenshare their actual digital marketing tools and systems, and show what makes the marketing funnel work.

In other words, instead of trying to Tell you what you should do, our Kitces Summit guests will actually Show you what actions they’ve taken to execute their digital marketing funnel. So you can see what’s really possible for yourself.

A Community Hour will follow the Summit, where attendees can discuss ideas, solve for pain points, and get questions answered among peers and with several experts.

Registrants will have access to the recording to go back and review the entire event and create their own successful marketing plan.
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