About This Webinar
One of the hottest topics today is privacy legislation and how companies process personal data.
But do you know the impact of these recent developments on audio production workflows? Many aspects remain unknown for industry professionals.
Video games development studios send and receive thousands of voice and audio samples when working on a title - often without being fully aware of applicable privacy laws.
Have you thought about how changes to this type legislation this could affect your organisation, or that of subcontractor? Or how it could affect your customers?

Why you should attend

During our upcoming digital talk, we will provide you with key insights so you can build safe data workflows for your audio projects.
You will hear directly from our audio and privacy experts on how to go beyond compliance when handling data, for added peace of mind.
Most importantly, you will discover why ensuring best practice and compliance can lead to greater trust with your partners and, ultimately, your players.
If you are a publisher, producer, legal advisor working within the audio industry, CEO, DPO, recording professional, voice agent or audio manager, this webinar is for you.
Join us to expand your understanding of privacy legislation and how it relates to your audio projects.

Key take-aways

• Advice on treating and managing audio biometric data and key points to know
• How to go beyond GDPR and worldwide privacy laws’ compliance with audio tracks and voice talent samples
• Best practice for creating a trusted circle with actors, suppliers and clients
• How to make safety measures an added value for you, your clients and vendors
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    Michel Golgevit
    Managing Director France
    Michel Golgevit is Managing Director of Keywords Studios in France, leading across translation and dubbing of video games. Keywords also provides voice recording for advertising, series, animation, etc. It has nine state-of-the-art recording studios in the heart of Paris. Professional musician and sound engineer Michel is passionate about computer programming and musical composition. He co-developed the video game Prehistorik and has composed music for video games, commercials, documentaries and films.
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    Chiara Stracchi
    Audio Service Line Manager
    Chiara Stracchi has been working in the localization industry for more than 15 years. She began her career as an Italian linguist and through the years has held different roles ranging from localization PM to senior audio PM. She is now part of the Audio Localization management team in Keywords, with responsibility for operations, strategy, budgeting and processes.
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    Marcelo Canha
    Data Protection Manager
    Marcelo Canha, originally from Brazil, moved to Ireland in 2017 and joined Keywords in the beginning of 2018 to become the global head of our privacy department. As well as being an advocate for the rights of those with autism, Marcelo is passionate about food, music, tattoos, video games, compliance, privacy and data protection in the digital landscape. He has a enviable track record in the global information technology and services industry for companies including IBM, British Telecom, SoftwareAG and Citibank.