About This Webinar
Stop Wasting Your Time on tips! Focus on your Trading!! Say Hello to KEDIANOMICS!!!

Learn, not just the forecasts of Sushil Kedia for the week ahead, but what is the basis of these forecasts & how he is making them!

Equities, Global Markets, Fx, Metals, Energy -- get a 360 degree perspective. Prepare yourself every weekend to to engage with markets dynamically through the week ahead! Not just levels, but participate in assessing varying path-dependencies for a range of markets & opportunities.

  • Food on the Table: Our Top trading ideas for the week ahead, from Stock Futures, Indian Indices, key commodities. Will include detailed discussion on Nifty & Bank Nifty that are liquid & favourite trading pits for all traders in this section.
  • Food in the Cooker: Patterns at advanced stage, but not yet triggered. Longer term horizons or yet unconfirmed shorter term patterns across Indian Stock Futures. This section is to prepare attendees to act upon trades as they arrive, in the middle of the week.
  • Kitchen Talk: Sector specific indices coming under either of the two prior categories for a more indepth discussion. Discussion from amongst wider array of Stock Futures where attendees have queries.
  • Meals for a Lifetime: Few key nuggets on less easily known trading setups, strategies or mind-sets.
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    Sushil Kedia
    Founder, KEDIANOMICS