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Discover a new way to integrate data collection and planning processes in Qlik combined with SAP. This event will showcase how K4 and Theobald Software will streamline your data driven organisation, by maximizing integration and automation of planning and writing back data directly within SAP systems.


- Our special guest Dan Sommer, Senior Director, Global Market Intelligence Lead, Corporate Strategy at Qlik will present an overview of Qlik's approach as a top BI platform, enabling custom solutions for dynamic customer needs, and addressing global trends to follow.
- We will deep dive into the advantages for SAP customers using Qlik's integrated environment, highlighting streamlined operations and optimised data processes.
- Andrea Traverso, CTO of K4 Analytics, will present a live demo of writing back to SAP within Qlik, showing the practical benefits and ease of integration.
- Lars Buchner, Head of Global Sales at K4 Analytics, will wrap up with key takeaways, summarising the significant benefits of this integrated approach to SAP data management.

Join Qlik, K4, and Theobald Software on this webinar!
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Hosted By K4 Analytics

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