Like the looming Rockies, Denver’s dark history casts a long shadow over the Mile High City. Find out why Denver’s crisp mountain air will always give you chills. Join us as we offer an unflinching look at the seething darkness within the Queen City of the West. Our unique collection of captivating and unnerving historical stories reveals what makes this city one of the West’s most compelling haunted locations.

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    US Ghost Adventures
    Us ghost adventures offers entertaining, historic, and authentic ghost tours of the united states most haunted cities. We aim to deliver fun, yet honest accounts of the hauntings that are so prevalent across the nation. While our stories are derived from historic research, a ghost tour wouldn’t be the same without the ghost stories! The accounts of hauntings you will hear on our tours have been refined over the years to include experiences by our own guests and tour guides, as well as interviews of firsthand accounts from people who have witnessed the unexplained. We’re not here to dress up in costume, jump out and scare you, or to recite dramatic flair. No, we’re a different kind of ghost tour that focuses on real events and real hauntings, to deliver an unfiltered and honest account of what has happened in these areas, and the hauntings that people witness as a likely result. We do not seek to explain the unexplained, but rather to acknowledge and make sense of what hundreds of our guests sometimes smell, see, and feel, with no rational explanation