Feeling fearless? Brave Boston’s horrifying ghouls if you dare!

Boston Ghosts offers an unflinching look into Beantown’s ghastly gloom. Boston has always been a place of passionate struggle. Religious quarrels and fiery locals mean there are endless ghost stories to bring the shining city on the hill to life – through death!

Join us on a virtual ghost tour through Boston's most haunted. Our enthralling guides will help you discover the history that lines the streets with unforgettable true stories of the gruesome ghosts that lie beneath.

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Or join Boston Ghosts on an in-person walking ghost tour through the haunted city of Boston at https://bostonghosts.com/
  • Join our virtual walking ghost tour through haunted Boston, MA
  • Explore historic and haunted sites from the comfort of your living room
  • Enjoy intensively researched and truthful historic ghost stories
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    US Ghost Adventures offers entertaining, historic and authentic ghost tours of the United States most haunted cities. We aim to deliver fun, yet honest accounts of the hauntings that are so prevalent across the nation.