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Mini-Masterclass: From one of the Art's Great Prestidigitators comes a routine that is hailed as "The best single coin routine ever!" Legendary Grandmaster Magician, Channing Pollock, called this, "Impeccable Magic, Absolutely Wondrous!" Painstakingly developed over 40 years, this has been Jay's go-to opener for shows from The Magic Castle in Hollywood to The Magic Circle in London. It is "impossibly perfect": The hands are shown unmistakably empty, Without any false moves, a large silver coin appear at the fingertips. It proceeds to vanish, reappear, multiply and may be examined at any stage of the routine. Finally, It vanishes as mysteriously as it appeared. This is Peak Performance Prestidigitation at its finest.
  • Coin Appearance
  • Coin Vanish
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    Jay Scott Berry
    Creator, Performer, Producer. Magic, Music & Wonder.