How to Create and Implement a Sound Investment Strategy During Fluctuating Markets
How to Protect and Grow Your Retirement

Get a Second Opinion To Secure Your Retirement and Minimize Taxes

The 6 key components:

We will unpack the reasons investors underperform in the markets and
strategies to avoid the mistakes.
• How to invest during a recession and slowdown in the economy
• How to produce a predictable income
• How to understand cycles and where the value is in the markets
• How to invest during an inflationary surge
• Why most annuities are a horrible investment with Index Annuities the
most dangerous
• Tax strategies that maximize your money
• How to be cautious with your money, but smart

Joseph Sturniolo, CFP®,Speaker,Author, Teacher

Joe is an educator, author and speaker, with over 38 years of experience,
who specializes in Wealth Transfer. In the past, Joe was a featured panelist for both The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News. Joe was also a regular columnist for
the Rocky Mountain News Senior Section.

For several years, his was the voice during morning and afternoon commutes providing market analysis and economic commentaries for KNUS, KHOW and KVOD in Denver.

He has been interviewed and appeared as a guest commentator nationwide for more than 30 radio
stations exploring topics such as: Retirement Planning - finding your unique purpose and defining your legacy, as well as Transition Planning - answering the “why” of your wealth planning.

Published in
Financial Planning Magazine and The Denver Business Journal, and quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Investment Advisor Magazine. Joe continues to share his unique methodology and customized solutions for Wealth Management
and Preservation. Having advised wealthy individuals and families in over 15 states for 34 years, his
counsel, wisdom and diligence have helped his clients achieve financial security, income stability during
retirement and reduction of income taxes, capital gains taxes, and estate taxes.