This session will focus on how to conduct a thorough and neutral trauma centric investigation into sexual misconduct allegations. The presentation will focus on how trauma impacts the memory and therefore investigations. The presentation will instruct on how interviews should be conducted of all parties as well as ways to identify and preserve corroborating evidence.
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  • Runtime: 63 min
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Melissa Hoppmeyer, J.D.
Co-Founder, Right Response Consulting; Prosecutor

Ms. Hoppmeyer is the current Chief of the Special Victims and Family Violence Unit in Prince George's County. Melissa has assisted in drafting numerous legislative bills and has testified before the Maryland General Assembly on numerous occasions to help implement stronger criminal laws for crimes of violence. This includes most recently during the 2020 legislative session advocating and testifying on behalf of a change to the first degree assault statute in order to make strangulation a felony. Ms. Hoppmeyer also serves as a technical trainer for law enforcement, fellow prosecutors and the community on variety of issues and criminal laws. Ms. Hoppmeyer has trained across the nation on sexual violence on college campuses. As part of her duties, Ms. Hoppmeyer serves on several councils and boards involving domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Ms. Hoppmeyer previously served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Organized Crime Unit prosecuting prison corruption and high ranking drug traffickers.
Kathryn Marsh, J.D.
Co-founder, Right Response Consulting; Prosecutor

Kathryn Marsh is the co-founder of Right Response Consulting (RRC) and a career prosecutor of seventeen years. She presently serves as Special Counsel, Assistant Chief of the Special Victims Family Violence Unit, and the Legislative Co-Chair for the State Attorney's Office in Prince George's County, Maryland. For the past twelve years, Ms. Marsh has specialized in the field of child abuse and sexual assault cases. Ms. Marsh also functions as a professional trainer for Assistant State's Attorneys and staff, as well as for law enforcement, community organizations, state organizations, and other legal professionals. She has served on several National and State Task Forces, has been asked to assist in drafting legislation, and has been called on to testify on behalf of criminal legislation before the Maryland legislature for a number of years. Ms. Marsh has also worked as an adjunct professor of Criminal Law for the University of Maryland Campus from 2009-2019, and is a current Associate Professor with the national Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College. In addition to her work in the criminal law field, Ms. Marsh also serves on many community boards. She is currently the treasurer of the Calvert County Commission for Women and sits on the Board of Directors for the Library Foundation of Calvert County and the Optimists of Calvert County. Ms. Marsh has been recognized for her work with children and sexual assault prosecution numerous times. She was named one of Maryland's Top 100 women in 2019, received the Collaborative for Children and Youth's Champion of Children award, the Crisis Intervention Center's Domestic Violence POWER award in 2018, and the Respect for Law Prosecutor of the Year Award in 2012.