This presentation will cover the development of MOCSA's Title IX SART and the collaborative work between local campuses and MOCSA to provide a community-based approach to support survivors. The presentation will walk through how to create a community-based collaborative SART, making connections, and the importance of maintaining on and off campus partnerships. It will cover the importance of continued outreach, resource sharing, and communication/support as it relates to maintaining a Title IX SART.
on-demand webinar
  • Runtime: 44 min
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Melody Joy
Advocacy and Outreach Specialist at MOCSA

Melody Joy has a Bachelors of Social Work degree from the University of Central Missouri. During her practicum, she completed a BSW advocacy-based internship at the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA). Upon graduation she was able to transition into the role of an advocacy and outreach specialist. As an advocate at MOCSA, Melody has been able to support survivors and their families during Sexual Assault Examinations, reporting to Law Enforcement, and Civil and Criminal cases in court. She works primarily with survivors and their families who express the need to report a Title IX complaint and works with schools to create safety plans. Melody communicates with community partners on and off campus regularly and has continued the development and growth of the Kansas City Metro Title IX Sexual Assault Response Team with MOCSA.