This session critically reflects on two years of implementation and assessment data for the Gender Based Violence Prevention Seminar at the University of Kansas. What started as a collaboration with the Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center and Kansas Athletics to train 400 student athletes, has grown to include over 1,000 Sorority and Fraternity Life members.
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Jen Brockman, M.A.
Director, Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center

Jen Brockman is the Director of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center at the University of Kansas. She has worked in the field of victim advocacy and gender based violence prevention since 2001, in three different states at community programs, flagship institutes, and state coalitions. During her career, Jen worked as the Sex Crimes Investigation Trainer for the Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault and is a certified Law Enforcement Trainer in Sexual Violence and Domestic Violence. Jen is the recipient of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's Visionary Voice Award and the Arkansas Attorney General's Crime Victim Advocate of the Year Award. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Drury University in Criminology and Sociology and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.